Donate with empathy and compassion to prevent overdoses and support recovery. image

Donate with empathy and compassion to prevent overdoses and support recovery.

Many people are unable to enter a recovery program without your help.

$2,755 raised

$20,000 goal


Without Your Help, People Will Not Receive The Recovery They Need And Deserve. Families And Children Will Be Lost.

We have been saving lives since 2015. Ever person in recovery is another child, parent, brother, sister or loved one who is not going to die of an opioid overdose today!

Our mission is to provide low barrier virtual tele-health medication assisted treatment to people in underserved areas of North Carolina to treat opioid substance use disorders.

Medication assisted treatment is not just substituting one drug for another. According to both SAMHSA and NIDA, medication assisted treatment is the best practice to treat a person suffering from opioid substance use disorder.

Access to care is the main reason people do not stop using opioids. Most programs have waiting lists, extensive and expensive costs or barriers preventing people from being admitted.\

StartBupe Services never has a waiting list to enter our program. We provide access to physicians, online recovery focused group therapy, pastoral care spirituality groups, case management, drug testing and medication.

"Dr. Raad and StartBupe saved my daughter from her impending overdose. The program gave my daughter Caroline the hope and support she could not find."

"StartBupe was different from any program that I had previously been in. They truly listened, helped and did not judge me. I stayed sober."

"StartBupe gave me back my son."

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